FAQ Section

Who can benefit from a WellBiome report?

Our report is useful for anyone who wants to improve their quality of life, have more energy and increase life expectancy. Gut bacteria have an important role in extracting extra energy from the food we eat and small precisely targeted changes in diet can have a big impact on well-being. This report can also help manage weight.

How are gut bacteria related to dietary suggestions?

Gut bacteria have an important role in the process of food digestion and they also play an important role in our immune system. It is important to provide enough nutrients for the beneficial bacteria to manage the amount of energy that we get from food and to prevent excessive population growth of pathogenic bacteria and fungi.

What does the report consist of?

There are 100 trillion bacteria in your gut, and, like a fingerprint, the composition is unique for everyone. The report shows the composition and state of your gut microbiome. You also get a list of super-personalised dietary recommendations, based on your gut bacteria.

What kind of sample do I have to give?

A small stool sample is required for the analysis. You can take the sample easily at home, the sample kit that makes the sample taking easy is part of our service.

In what form is the report?

Your personal report is uploaded on your account on WellBiome.com as a PDF file.

Does WellBiome also detect different types of fungi from my intestinal tract?

At the moment we do not identify fungi from the intestinal tract. But a solution for this is in development.

Can I go to my doctor with the report?

Parts of the report could be useful for medical assessments, especially regarding some health problems. Our test does not give medical diagnoses. Quality assurance of the laboratory: ISO17025, CLIA, CAP

Does this test detect allergies?

Right now we cannot detect food allergies.

What security measures are applied when handling my DNA data?

WellBiome analyzes only bacterial DNA therefor there is no threat of customer's DNA data leakage. We encrypt and store data according to EU data handling laws.
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