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Our mission is to give people insight into their body and increase wellbeing and quality of life with relatively small effort. Today, the price of DNA sequencing is at a level that enables us to offer the benefits of the latest, cutting-edge science to almost everyone.

WellBiome was founded by two young scientists, Henri Raska and Liis Loorits. In our previous careers we've done extensive microbiology research to characterise environments like biogas, milk, bread and cheese. For last two years we have been applying the same methods to researching the human intestines.


Henri Raska

CEO & co-founder
background in organic chemistry and bioinformatics

Liis Loorits

CSO & co-founder
background in molecular biology

Anneli Rander

Lab specialist

Jana Lillo

Lab specialist

Sirli Sipp Kulli

Business advisor / Head of laboratory

Toomas Neuman

Scientific advisor

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In case of any questions regarding our service you are welcome to contact us!

Write us hi@wellbiome.com

Call us on +1-408-520-9820

WellBiome LLC
1370 Willow road
Menlo Park 94025 CA
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