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The most effective way to manage weight, health and energy levels? The answer is inside you. We offer scientific personalised dietary recommendations based on the microflora in your gut.
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100 trillion reasons to look inside yourself

There are 100 trillion bacteria in your gut. They have a big impact on your energy levels, weight and well-being. WellBiome analyzes the DNA of your gut biome and makes super-personalized diet recommendations based on that. Whereas, we completely rely on the importance of a balanced diet and at the same time point out what should be paid special attention in your diet.

Bye-bye, one-size-fits-all recommendations and “miracle diets”

While there are lots great books and resources about nutrition available, they seldom apply to everyone and often ignore the “forgotten organ” - the intestinal microflora. WellBiome starts from mapping the bacteria inside your gut, and each of our recommendations is tailored to you. And let’s not even go into “miracle diets” ….

Our goal is to help people live longer healthier lives

Today, the price of DNA sequencing has dropped to very reasonable levels. This enables us to put the latest, cutting-edge science to work for everyone.
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